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The most professional PCB depaneling machine manufacturer in China.



V-CUT PCB depaneling machine
1.Max. PCB depaneling length is unlimted
2.Depaneling PCB without bending and tension stress
3.Safety use, easy operation
4.Depaneling process without vibrations

V-CUT PCB depaneling machine specifications:  


Model CWVC-3
Max. PCB depaneling length unlimited
PCB depaneling thickness 0.3-3.5mm
Voltage and Power 110V/220V --  10W
Working air pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa
PCB depaneling speed due to operator skilled level
PCB depaneling machine size 780x500x620mm
PCB depaneling machine weight 185Kg


V-CUT PCB depaneling machine features:
1.The machine was designed to depanel pre-scored PCB carefully, without bending and tension stress.
2.Even sensitive SMD-Components like ceramic capacitors, will not be damaged by the depaneling process, or thin board even to 0.3mm can be worked safely.
3.Depaneling process without vibrations.
4.PCB depaneling control method is by pneumatic-driven and electromagnetic valve.
5.PCB control operation is that operator stamps the foot pedal to depanel PCB.
6.Highest components near the v groove of PCB can be up to 50mm.
7.Gap for insertion of PCB can be easy to adjust.

***V-CUT PCB depaneling machine operation video please  see below:   (CWVC-3)*** 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCCaaT56omw&feature=youtu.be    (For 1.2 meter aluminium PCB  CWVC-3 )

***Chuangwei PCB depaneling machine*** 
***From 2004 we started to development,manufacture,sale,service for PCB depaneling machine, until now,we have produced different kind PCB depaneling machine type for manual,motor-driven,pneumatic-driven,mold and die punching,milling cutter router etc.   

***You can depend on your company's condition and choose the most suitable one.

***Also We can manufacture PCB depaneling machine base your actual requires.

***PCB depaneling machine mainly applies to depanel various shape,length and thickness Printed Circuit Board(PCB) which include Rigid PCB,Flexible PCB(FPC) and Rigid-flex PCB etc.For example electronic and digital products FR4 PCB,FR6 PCB,Aluminium PCB, Copper PCB, LED strips,LED tubes PCB,Solar energy PCB and different FPC etc.

***Any interest please contact us freely.

***Chuangwei PCB depaneling machine***   



If you are interested in any of our products please feel free to contact us.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.






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