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·Product Categories ·V-Cut PCB Separator Machine For 1200mm Alum Board, CWVC-3S
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V-Cut PCB Separator Machine For 1200mm Alum Board With 0-400mm/s


Model : CWVC-3S 

PCB Separator Machine Feature:

●Guide can be adjusted vertically to suit different LED board.
●Clearance between the circular blades can be precisely
adjusted with the knob  
●Upper and lower circular blades can be reused after regrinding.
●Shape and sizes of the circular blades can be made according
to customer's specifications .  
● Add 1.5m or 2.4 m Stainless steel platform
● Three pairs of precision cutting blades can ensure
the board does not bend, no deformation.  



Machine Size: 40*40*34 cm ;

Platform size : 150*27*20 cm;

The Longest Minimize: No limited;

Minimize Speed: 0-400mm/s;

 Minimize thickness: 1.0-3.5mm;  Machine Weight: 56KG

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