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Precision pcb depaneling machine

1.Operator foolproof

2.Infrared protection

3.Calibration Blade Set

4.LCD program Control

LCD program Control Precision pcb depaneling machine CWV-1A



Precision pcb depaneling machine CWV-1A

PCB Cutting Length (mm)


Cutting Speed (mm/s)


Cutting Thickness (mm)


Power Supply

110/220 V

Size (mm)


Weight (Kg)


Guarantee (Year)


Delivery (Day)


Ability (Set)


Min. Order (Set)



Detailed Product Description:
1. For electronics, cell phones, computers, PCB, FPC (flexible printed circuit board),LED.

2. Mold make of SKH-11 Steel, Blade is SKH-9(From Japan), rigorous Job!!!! Dedicated 

to high strength cutting, and excellent toughness, able to cut metal board  !!!!!!


Technical characteristics:
1. Structural precision, the load evenly, to eliminate internal stress

2. Safe, easy to operate 

3. For electronics, cell phones, computers, PCB, FPC (flexible printed circuit board)



1.Minimize the shearing stress to avoid micro-cracks of the solder joints.  

2.Guiding device of the "V-CUT" of the PCB.  

3.Ball bearing slideways for easy setting of the PCB edge guides.  

4.Ball bearing slideways for easy setting of the height of the tabletop.  

5.Easy operating modes: Manual by handwheel, semi-automatic by pressing the start button or fully-automatic by continuous running. 

6.Cutters can be re-grinded  

7.The shape of the cutter can be customer made

 Our Advantage :

1.CWV-1A Pcb depanelizer original manufacturers, price concessions 

2.Promise day technical support services 

3.Limit the handling of complaints, half an hour back to customers 

4.Depanel Experts, the provision of professional PCB sub-programme 

5.Reliable machine maker,we get Experts--15,each one got over 6 years experience,equipment quality will be satisfying.

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