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·Technical classification ·ChuangWei selection and application PCB circuit board sub-board machine / pcb cutting board machine types
Industrial Knowledge

PCB circuit board sub-board machine / pcb board cutting machine functions can be divided according to the specific use of a variety of commonly used in the purchase according to the needs of different PCB circuit board sub-board machine / pcb board cutting machine when there are different options.

1, infinite scoreboard, for a variety of aluminum plate, cut plate LED light strips, LED manufacturers is the best choice;

2, take the knife scoreboard, and can be cut all kinds of PCB board FR4, glass panels, high efficiency, suitable for production of large manufacturers;

3, guillotine-style scoreboard, suitable for SMD components on the PCB board, FR4 and fiberglass panels, small stress, less damage to the board, the board is suitable for high quality requirements of the manufacturers;

4, go plate scoreboard, parts and plug-ins can be cut without the board, higher efficiency, lower prices;

5, PCB gongs board machines and punch scoreboard, hook knife scoreboard for curve PCB Separator.



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