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Product Name:Practicable V-CUT PCB separator machine,CWVC-S
Specification:1.Max. PCB separation length:unlimited.2.Price is very economical.3.Safety use and easy operation.
Feature:1.Guide can be adjusted vertically to suit different PCB thickness. 2.Clearance between the circular blades can be precisely adjusted with the knob. 3.Upper and lower circular blades can be re-used after regrinding. 4.Shape and sizes of the circular blades can be made according to customer's specifications.
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Product Name:LED aluminium PCB depanelizer machine,CWVC-3
Specification:1.Max. PCB depaneling length is unlimted.2.Depaneling PCB without bending and tension stress.
Feature:1.The machine was designed to depanel pre-scored PCB carefully, without bending and tension stress. 2.Even sensitive SMD-Components like ceramic capacitors, will not be damaged by the depaneling process, or thin board even to 0.3mm can be worked safely. 3.Depaneling process without vibrations. 4.PCB depaneling control method is by pneumatic-driven and electromagnetic valve. 5.PCB control operation is that operator stamps the foot pedal to depanel PCB. 6.Highest components near the v groove of PCB can be up to 50mm. 7.Gap for insertion of PCB can be easy to adjust.
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Customer Testimonials
PCB depanelizer is nice!
Cooperation with Chuangwei has 6 years, All our company used PCB depanelizer is manufactured by Chuangwei, smooth easy to use with little trouble, good quality, and also price is also very favorable. -Mr.omar moore
Fast delivery!
October 16, 2013,we make an order of 3 set PCB separator machine(CWV-1A) from Chuangwei,after 3 days Chuangwei begin to ship the machine.We received the goods on time , quickly put into use, good to meet our customers' delivery.Thanks. -Mr.neetoo sharma
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      Dongguan ChuangWei Electronic Equipment Manufactory was founded in 2004,is located in the world manufacturing city Dongguan,Guangdong,China. The company is committed to development,manufacture,sales and service for professional electronic equipment machinery. The company has an experienced development and manufacture team,half of them have over 10 years experience in electronic equipment industry.
      Begin with 2004 the company leader invested to develop and manufacture the PCB separator and PCB depaneling machine.From then on we pay more attention to product quality......

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